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Logo 46 Northwest 1821 Road Kingsville, MO. 64061 816-506-5713 sawmillpatrick@yahoo.com Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works  Tiny Houses
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Oak Tiny Homes

We specialize in:

• Custom Oak tiny home kits

• Available with log siding, board and batten siding or solid Oak  log walls

• From 280 square feet to 800 square feet

Welcome to the Schutt Log Homes & Millworks, LLC Tiny Homes website. Thank you for visiting us! We are a small family run company located in Kingsville, MO dedicated to manufacturing quality, handcrafted oak tiny home kits, Oak log cabin kits, Oak timber barn kits, greenhouse kits, specialty lumber and more. Our website's mission is to provide you with valuable information about our company, home kits and barn packages so you can make an educated decision about kit home and /or barn ownership.

Though we have been interested in the tiny house movement for several years, we have recently become involved with the movement through the Tiny House collective in Kansas City, MO.

Schutt Log Homes, LLC offers an exclusive line of Oak tiny home kits. Every piece of Oak lumber is made at our mill facility! This makes us a one stop shop for your entire structural package and creates the setup for a beautiful and solid home! We offer several options to suit every situation. Or we will be happy to assist you in creating your custom tiny home design.

I am extensively involved in every business transaction making for a comfortable partnership. For an additional fee, we also offer a construction startup visit to get you going on the right track. SLH offers a variety of options to embellish and customize your tiny home. Please contact us to discuss the details of your tiny home dream.

Patrick Schutt, President